Sound Equipment's

Boss speakers

 Boss 802 & 502 subwoofer

d&b Audio from Germany

 d&b q1 and Qsub

Martin Audio from UK 8 subs 14 tops and 2 Downfills

 Martin ws218x, w8lm & w8lmd


Stage monitors  Makie/RCF

 RCF art 500 / art 325 / makie srm 450

32 channel audio mixer with 8 aux

 Allen heath ml3000

16 channel audio mixer (6 aux)

 Allen heath wz3 16:2

24 channel audio mixer with 6 aux

 Allen & heath gl 2400

Audio conference unit

 Polycom VTX 1000

Audio conference unit

 JK audio remote mix 4

Stage amps

 Marshall, Peavy, Hartke


Corded microphone with stand

 Shure beta 56, 57, 58, sm57, 58

Goose neck microphone for podium

 Shure 418

Cordless hand microphone (uhf)  Sennheiser / Shure

 Shure urd, ur4, sennheiser g3 500 series

Cordless Laple microphone (uhf) Sennheiser / Shure

 Shure slx / sennheiser g3 500 series

Battery operated cordless Laple Mics for eng

 Sennheiser g3

Drum kit Mics of 7 nos.


Senheiser 416 mic with boom rod and wind Jammer

 Sennheiser 416 with roycote

In ear monitoring cordless

 Shure pm 200

Headset microphone cordless


CD player


Duel CD player with DJ mixer

 Denon 4500

Pioneer DJM 600 mixer

 Pioneer DJM 600

Cassette player / recorder


DAT player


MD player


Digital recorder with mp3 recording on CF card


Walkman / Dictaphone