Video Players

Vhs player


Vhs player (multi system)


Vhs player (ntsc)


U-matic player

Sony 9850

Betacam player

Sony uvw 1500 / 1800

Dv cam

Sony dsr 50p

Edit controller

Sony pve 500

Vcd/cdv/ld/dvd player


Video Coverage

Dv protable recorder / player

Sony pd170

Dv protable recorder / player

Dvcam shooting with cameraman lights and 1no. 2 hrs. Tape

Dsr 400

Hdv shooting with cameraman, lights & 1 tape

Sony z1 / z7

Digital still photography

Canon / nikon

Multicamera setup can be done as per requirement

Dsr 450/d50/ex3 with triax and HD/SDI mixer

Mx-50 vision mixer

Full hd camera


Panasonic hpx 502 / 302

Video Switchers and Accessories

Vga switcher with 4 pc in and 1 out for Projector

Extron sw4vga

Vga switcher with 6 pc in and 1 out for Projector

Extron sw6vga

Vga booster with 1 pc in and  8 outputs

Extron p2 da 6xi

Seemless switcher with preview monitor

Krammer 727

Seemless switcher

Extron usp405 / 1508 / 406

Rgbhv switcher

Extron sw6 rgbhv

Rgbhv booster

Extron da6 rgbh

Video booster with 1 in and 6 outputs

Extron da6v eq

Vga splitter

Extron p/2 da2xi

Vga to video converter from pc to video

Extron vsc 500

Polycom unit video conferencing

Polycom mp 512 (isdn / ip)

Wireless clicker / slide changer

Dsan perfect cue / logitech

Lazer pointer